Why ‘Ofeefe’, a movie produced by Oreoluwa Adedoyin can contend for Oscars


Ofeefe is a movie produced by Oreoluwa Adedoyin and directed by Abiola Paul Bogunmbe. The movie will soon be released. The screen writer is Dayo Farore.

Morohunkolafun, a young student in a small town, is torn between love, social expectations, and her own passion for arts; but, love is no mirage.
Rotimi Salami and Oreoluwa Adedoyin bring this love story to life. Can she live the life of her choosing or “is love simply a mirage(Ofeefe)?”

Blissful Films and Television (Susan Oreoluwa Adedoyin) and Slate 1’s(Bogunmbe Abiola Paul) highly nominated and multiple award winning production, Best of Nollywood Awards 2018, was filmed on location in Nigeria.

Ofeefe is a Yoruba Language film that brilliantly showcases the richness of Yoruba culture, goes the extra mile to endear the audience to each character in unique ways, and draws the viewer in with the nonlinear style of storytelling that is growing in popularity in cinema worldwide.

This film is fully subtitled in English allowing viewers who are non-Yoruba speakers or hearing impaired to experience the film in its fullness. The non-traditional Romantic Comedy’s award winning cast includes timeless Yoruba film legend Fatai Adetayo, award winning actress and rising star Oreoluwa Adedoyin(Most Promising Actress, BON 2018), award winning child actor Daniel Adeshina(Best Child Actor, BON 2018), multiple award winning actor Rotimi Salami(AMVCA/BON/AFA), award winning actress Shalewa Yusuf, and award winning actor Akin Kolapo, to name a few.

The cast represents a diversity of age demographics with the youngest, Daniel Adeshina, and several other cast members representing the 20s, 30s, 50s, and 60s allowing the film to appeal to a wide range of the viewing public.

The film was shot using state of the art audiovisual equipment. This is highlighted by the vibrant colours and serene landscapes exhibited in a wealth of scenes; including, but not limited to, urban, river, forest and small town settings. The audiovisual quality are on display throughout the film’s various performing arts scenes, including an epic performance of Alaarinjo, Traditional Yoruba Theatre, and an awe-inspiring procession of Egungun Masquerade, Traditional Yoruba Masquerade.

The nonlinear style of development that the story-line takes en route to its suspense filled and satisfying conclusion exhibits the depth of Yoruba Culture and Storytelling Tradition. In addition to the usage of ‘fables’ and a tasteful amount of ‘foreshadowing’, the film gives audience to authentic Yoruba Religious and Cultural practices in a 21st century setting. Yoruba Film Legend Fatai Adetayo, seen as the Babalawo on screen, is just one of the cast whose authentic representation continues to draw a significant following in multiple markets; including, but not limited to, the US, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, and China.

To say that Ofeefe is a potential Oscar contender is just stating the obvious. Watch Out for it!

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