Brace up for challenges of success, legislator tasks graduates

The Chief Whip of the State of Osun House of Assembly, Mr Tunde Olatunji wants new graduates to be prepared to face the challenges of being successful and dependable individual, rather than being dependent.
He said, “Now that you’ve been trained by your parents/guardian and the university to become a graduate, it is your duty to acquire wisdom and embrace common sense you need to live a successful life.”
According to him, “academic qualification is not a substitute for common sense. The former can only assist the latter”.
Mr Tunde Olatunji was invited to chair the 12th foundation day lecture titled, ” Breaking the cycle of indolence and dependency: a challenge to Nigerian youth”, in commemoration of the 8th convocation ceremony of the Osun State University, Osogbo.
In his words, ” it’s worrisome and absolutely unacceptable that the generation I belong is that of a people which depends on someone to do something for them rather than being dependable to proffer solutions to myriad of challenges confronting them”.
Mr Olatunji who again narrated the story of Ridwan Karmardeen, the boy who scored the highest mark in JAMB in the state and got 81.88% aggregate score in University of Ibadan post UMTE exam and Akinpelu Rafiu, the leading Ayo Olopon whiz kid in the State, argued that environmental factor was not an excuse or a limitation for an individual that is determined to succeed.
The legislator who pointed out that it was not an understatement that Nigeria was facing challenges tasked the youth that the only panacea is their ingenuity and deploring the youthful zest and capacity to get Nigeria working in all areas.
He noted that if the wealth and prosperity of a Nation was being measured by natural endowment, Congo should be the richest, yet the country survives on grant and aid. “If its measured by population, Africa with a human number of over 1.2 billion people should not be doing less GDP compared with Germany, a nation in the realm of 90 million people “.
Olatunji submitted that the wealth of any Nation was consequent upon the productive percentage of its population and not the huge number of dependants, which amounts to deficits and liabilities, therefore, Nigerian Youth must individually charge themselves if and where they are adding value to the economy, not as dependant in terms of outright begging, fraudulent practises like yahoo, 419,kidnapping and arm robbery among others.
The Legislator also identified other forms of dependence  which he described as professional incompetence which permeates all areas of human endeavors with obvious gross incompetence today observable in Academic, medicine,law, public service,banking and other sectors.
Just like Frank Fanon quipped in one of his writing, that ” every generation, out of relative obscurity will discover it’s mission, either to fulfil or betray it”, the Osun Assembly Whip urged Nigeria youth to stop the blame game, halt the incessant and hopeless migration and face the task of transforming Nigeria through purposeful engagement.
The Osun State University pro chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council, Mallam Yusuf Ali, SAN, the Orangun of Ila, Oba Adedokun Abolarinwa, the guest lecturer, Professor Olajide Oloruninsola and other members of the audience could not hide their admiration of the thought provoking 19minutes shot of the legislator as they clapped intermittently.
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