June 12: Hold govt accountable by engaging public officials, Osun Assembly Chief Whip tells Nigerians

The Chief Whip of the Osun State House of Assembly Mr Tunde Olatunji charged Nigerians to hold government at all levels accountable by engaging public office holders.
Olatunji made this known in a message to celebrate June 12 as democracy day in Nigeria, noted that unprecedented participation of the people in the 1993 election was a reflection of their determination to end military rule.
He said the sustenance of Nigeria democracy rests on the consciousness of its citizens.
He said such determination was also consolidated as the people were readily mobilised, protested and resisted the continued military domination of the nation’s political space which culminated in the transition to civil rule in 1998.
The Osun Assembly Chief Whip observed that the sustenance of the process in the last two decades “is an indication of the resolve of the people and the political class to make democracy work”
Mr Olatunji however argued that what June really symbolize ” is a true democracy in Nigeria, where the votes of the people count, where good governance manifest and where the people have access to basic necessity of lives which the constitution conceptualise as ‘welfare and security of the people”.
This he insisted might not be achieved unless the people, through the media and civil society continually hold government accountable by engaging public officials.
Mr Olatunji pointed out that the Governor Gboyega Oyetola had genuinely demonstrated his commitment good governance and respect for the rights of citizens as manifest in Osun State.
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