“Be like Neymar” Timi Dakolo says after Neymar provided proof to clear his name following rape allegations

Timi Dakolo has shared a news report which detailed the actions Neymar took after he was accused of sexual assault. The singer went on to advise suspected abusers to be like Neymar and clear themselves if they know they are innocent.

After being accused of rape, Neymar took to Facebook and Instagram to strongly deny the allegations. He also released series of messages he had exchanged with his accuser as he tried to explain what transpired and clear his name.

Timi, who has accused an unnamed Abuja pastor of abusing female members, seems to be daring the accused pastor to show proof of his innocence. The father-of-three shared the actions Neymar took to clear his name and captioned it, “Be like Neymar… Simple.”

Timi Dakolo

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