Global Girls Network holds advocacy rally against rape In Osogbo, asks parents to promptly report cases


A Non Governmental Organization, NGO, Global Girls Network, on Thursday took over the streets of Osogbo, capital of Osun state to advocate against the spate of rape cases in the state and across the country.
The organisation charged parents and guardians in Nigeria to join hands and wage war against rape, saying that prompt report of rape cases would assist the police in its prosecution.
The group, populates by youths, also called on Nigerians to join hands against rape and protect the rights of female children.
Speaking with newsmen, the team leader of Global Girls Network, Miss Ibikunle Itunuoluwa, called on government to enact harsher punishments for rapists so as to serve as deterrent to others.
She said the organization aimed at empowering the girl child and cater for their welfare like good education, health and organized career talk for them.
“We want to make sure that they have a secured environment and also to build them up as a girl. 
“We also fight societal challenges and ensure that they have a better life in the society. We discovered that the rate at which case of rape is increasing is very alarming and most of the cases are not being reported. Immediately a victim is being raped, it ends up being a family matter. 
“As an organization, we want to stand up for this people. What we want is the safety of girl child. Safety comes first for the victim before justice. Rape victims suffer mentally, socially and emotionally. The law should be made effective for the rapists. By the time the law is effective and culprits are punished, it will send signal to others who have the same intention.
“I disagree that rape is being caused by a girl child who put on small shirt. We have seen a 44 year raping a 4 year old child, is it because the 4 year old girl dressed indecently. Nobody has the right to take advantage of our body. Our body is our right.
“We call on government and all Nigerians to stand with us and make sure that rapists are punished. There is need to begin to sentence them because prison is a place of rehabilitation. I believe they will learn there.
Also, Olajuyin Olaleye, urged people in the society to join in protecting female child in Nigeria. 
“I’m urging people in the community, both men and women, let us come out and stand firmly against the case of rape. By joining hands together, the case will reduce in our society. When a lady says no, she actually means no.

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