What Police said about the model Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly raped

It has been revealed that Kathryn Mayorga, the Las Vegas woman who filed a lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo alleging that she was sexually assaulted by the Juventus star did not identify him as her rapist in her police report in 2009.

Although the Portuguese superstar recently took to Twitter to deny claims he raped the model nine years ago inside a Las Vegas hotel room.

Now here is a full report by DailyMail revealing that she did not identify him as her rapist and refused to give her full name in the 2009 police report

Read the report below.

A member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told DailyMail.com that Kathryn Mayorga would not tell police the name of the man she alleges held her down and sodomized her in 2009 when she was filing her incident report.

She also declined to give a suspect description or provide the location of the alleged assault according to the officer.

Those claims were confirmed in the police report for the incident as well, which was obtained by DailyMail.com.

That report shows that Mayorga also would not give her last name when she called o report the rape, was crying and had not showered prior to having a rape kit done approximately 10 hours after the alleged assault.

Police also said that Mayorga only revealed the identity of her alleged rapist last month, at which time the decision was made to reopen the case..

The LVMPD announced that news just three days after Mayorga filed her lawsuit, with Nevada having a 20-year statute of limitations in rape cases.

Mayorga’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

What Police said about the model Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly raped

Officers could not comment further on the case because of the investigation, but what they did share could contradict two of the statements made by Mayorga’s attorney Leslie Stovall in court papers that were filed last week.

In the ‘Exempt from Arbitration’ filing, Stovall stated that when his client filed her report she identified ‘the perpetrator as a famous soccer player, but refused to provide a name out of fear of public humiliation and retaliation.’

An officer with the LVMPD responded to that claim by stating: ‘The victim did not provide detectives with the location of the incident or suspect description.’

Given the limited interest in professional soccer as compared to hockey, basketball, baseball and football in the US and the volume of professional athletes in Sin City at any given time, it would be impossible however for police to follow up on the identity of the ‘famous athlete.’

The filing also stated: ‘That within weeks of the initial report of the sexual assault to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a police detective conducted an interview of the plaintiff, during which she identified Cristiano Ronaldo as the individual who sexually assaulted her on June 13, 2009 at the Palms Hotel and Casino.’

Police would not confirm this, and one office said that there was still no name in Mayorga’s report just this past August, when a copy of the case was requested by an unnamed individual.

Mayorga did inform Ronaldo of the allegations back in 2009 though, as she received a $375,000 settlement the following year.

It is stated that her silence regarding the allegations was the result of a vast network of people hired by Ronaldo to make sure she remained quiet.

‘That during the investigative interview by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department the plaintiff heard the detective reiterate prior warnings that plaintiff would be the subject of public humiliation as a victim of a sexual assault, and that Cristiano Ronaldo, and individuals associated with him, would further humiliate her by publicly characterizing her as a woman who consented to sexual intercourse and because of his wealth and fame was now attempting to extort money from Cristiano Ronaldo by falsely accusing him of sexual assault,’ read the court filing.

‘That following the investigative interview of the plaintiff, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department initiated no further contact with the plaintiff.’

Even when she had her rape kit done she claimed there was a woman who made the same claim.

‘That during the examination at University Medical Center, the plaintiff heard the nurse tell her that she would be subjected to retaliation and publicly humiliated by Cristiano Ronaldo, or individuals acting on his behalf, as a woman who had consensual sex, and who is now attempting to extort money by falsely accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of sexual assault,’ it is claimed in the court filing.

The police are also a target of the lawsuit, with the filing stating that Ronaldo had a team do reconnaissance to asses the situation and if he might find himself in legal trouble.

‘The police will not view the sexual assault of the plaintiff as a “violent crime,” stated the assesment according to the lawsuit.

‘The police would characterize the sexual assault as “harassment.”

‘The police would put plaintiff’s case on the “back burner”

‘The “team” had a confidential source within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

‘Their confidential police source confirmed that the police would “happily” close their investigative file if a financial settlement between the plaintiff and the defendant was arranged,’ it claims.

Ronaldo remained in the country for days after the incident.

He is accused by Mayorga of sodomizing her as she screamed out ‘no, no, no.’

That assault ’caused the plaintiff to suffer severe emotional and bodily injuries including but not limited to anal contusions, posttraumatic stress disorder, and major depression,’ according to court papers.

Mayorga also ‘experienced emotional shock characterized by passivity in response to the real and perceived threat to her life and well-being by Cristiano Ronaldo,’ during the alleged attack, according to the complaint.

The filing said that after he was finished, Ronaldo allegedly ‘allowed her to leave the bedroom stating he was sorry, he was usually a gentleman.’


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