Lax Attitude Of The Safety Personnel To Work In Nigeria

Lax Altitude of the Safety Personnel In Nigeria
Nigeria seems to be one country that has refused to work, except in the illegal aspects like corruption and killings.
Every government agency is fraught with problems, and inefficiencies. Take a walk into a public enterprise and there is the tendency that you would shake your head at the state of disrepute of the enterprise.
Indiscipline is the order of the day, as it is common to see offices empty, with workers probably at home resting or going about other businesses that are not linked to the public enterprise.
Before one can seen an official, the human would stroll to the office constantly, for weeks before he can sight the public officer.
“My Oga no dey come office, so why I go come office?” Many would ask when others inquire their lax attitude to the work.
After that, he is expected to part with money before his work can be handled.
Though not excusable, it may not be too much of a bother if this is done by those not on essential duties.
In the developed world, when fire occurs, the Fire Service always appears in minutes.
The same can be said of the Police, but in Nigeria, the case is different.
The fire service emergency number will never connect through, and once by luck, you get through to them, it will take days for them to show up.
That’s if they want to show up.
Imagine the case of the Otedola Bridge fire incidence. A lot of humans were burnt to death, vehicles were razed, yet Fire service was nowhere in sight, until fire had died down.
Same could be said of NEMA, FRSC, and others.
There is the need for an overhauling of the entire system.

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