Black June For Nigerians

Black June For Nigerians
June started, with Nigerians hoping that we would at least reach Semifinal. Our hopes became heightened when psychic pig and cat made predictions that we would reach Semifinal.
That changed as the month progressed.
Super Eagles painfully exited from The World Cup after losing to Argentina in the Group Stages. The psychic cat and pig may have been high on Tramadol, when the predictions were made.
As if that was not enough heart attack, Nigeria decided to take the first position in Poverty, by taking the position of the Poorest Country in the World. We are officially poorer than war-stricken countries like Yemen. Yes, you read that right!
Poorer than countries that have been torn apart by war. That’s ludicrous, right?
Then came calling the Ojuelegba bridge accident, where a truck fell off and landed on humans below.
The Fulani Herdsmen, a terrorist organization that the government has refused to Christen one out of selfish reasons, decided to wipe out a village by killing more than two hundred humans.
Dbanj, a celeb, lost his son to the cold hands of death when he drowned in their indoor pool. Bodija abattoir killings came and left humans dead.
Then the Otedola Bridge fire incidence that left about ten humans dead, and more than fifty cars burnt.
Videos of kids burning to death spread around the web. What a horrible sight!
Then today, another accident involving a tanker exploding in Suleja.
Are we in the season of exploding tankers?
Which way Nigeria?

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