We Celebrated Too Early!

We Celebrated Too Early!
When the World Cup started, Nigerians were expectant we would advance past the Group Stage.
‘No be Croatia and Island, we go defeat them.’ Many thought.
The fact that our jersey was ranked the best among the competitors increased the expectation of Nigerians.
Then the first match started, and our hope started declining rapidly.
Croatia started using mathematics to play us on the field, barely letting our players’ legs touch the ball.
When the first goal was scored in the First Half, the sojourn to sadness started for a lot of Nigerians.
Many snapped their TV off, came online and started letting out their doubts.
Others continued watching, hoping that the predictions of the mystic pig would come true.
When the second goal was scored by a player of ours, Etebo, many Nigerians knew that the game had ended. We had lost.
There was cry for the slaughtering of the mystic pig. Pictures with funny captions- memes- started filling the internet, of the pig getting slaughtered and barbecued.
‘How could we reach Semifinal, if Croatia could flog us?’ Many thought.
‘Away with the pig.’ Others shouted.
Was it cockiness that made us lose?
The thought that Croatia was a novice in football and the prediction of the Pig further built on our already developed pride.
The next match then followed with Iceland. A lot of Nigerians were praying, even for a draw.
The first half ended, and it was still no goal. Many Nigerians had given up when Ahmed Musa scored two goals.
A lot of Nigerians started clamouring for a hat trick.
Our pride was back.
Nigerians on the internet, especially Twitter, started trolling other African countries that didn’t qualify for the World Cup, and Argentina.
‘We would demolish Argentina.’ Many had bragged.
Many Nigerians started blowing Ahmed Musa’s horn. Some politicians flew down to Russia to meet him. The glory was all on him.
The cockiness of the Nigerian team was back. It doubled when a psychic cat claimed Nigeria would win.
Argentina came, demolished us with a goal at fourteen minutes and another close to the end of the match.
We are coming home.
Maybe we did celebrate too early.
The only consolation we have is that the team tried.

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