Ahmed Musa: The Subtle Division In The Team

Ahmed Musa: The Subtle Division In The Team
When Nigeria won Iceland, many Nigerians started praising solely Ahmed Musa, ignoring the fact that it was a team work.
Many started tooting his horn, asking him to marry them or their sisters.
Some went as far as creating a political campaign picture for him, saying he could do better as a Nigerian President.
‘Ahmed Musa for President come 2019.’ Many chanted.
Some even added Musa or Ahmed to their social media’s names.
All the glory went to Ahmed Musa. As if that was not enough, Nigerian Politicians, for their selfish reasons, travelled down to Russia to praise him. He was singled out, leaving the other team members. The rest were pushed to isolation.
With such behavior, there was the tendency for envy to crop up. That’s textbook human nature. You can’t change them.
The win was brought by the entire, not just Ahmed Musa. He might have kicked the ball into the net two times, but there were defenders and goalkeeper, who stopped our opponent from scoring.
There were midfielders, and strikers, who had passed the ball to Ahmed Musa. It was a team work, and many Nigerians forgot.
It can not be categorically stated that this was the reason behind the loss in the next match with Argentina, but there was the subtle feel to it.
This reminds me of Yekini of old, and how his horn was tooted, then his team mates refused to pass him the ball.
Was that what in the Argentina and Nigeria match? Ahmed Musa didn’t have a lot of actions in the match.

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