The Entitlement Mentality In Some Fans

Many fans believe that the stars they admire should always bow before them, kneel in adoration because they made them stars.
It’s common to see fans throwing shades at Stars, and expecting the stars to swallow the insults and keep mute.
Many expect stars to always come on their Social media pages, and dole out cash like it was paper.
Some go online, begging the stars for huge amounts, and when they get turned down or ignored, they call the celebs unprintable words.
That’s the entitlement mentality right there.
A mentality that makes some fans feel that they can lord over their favourite stars, should be squashed.
Olamide was tongue lashed when he explained that he could no longer give money out to others. Fans felt he was stingy, and insulted him in unprintable words.
Iyanya gave out guys that hailed him three thousand naira, and he was called all sorts of venomous names.
The fact that you support a star doesn’t mean the star’s money is yours.
Those Stars worked for their money. They kept sleepless night. They cried at night when their dreams were not going as planned.
They are humans too.
They owe you nothing, not their money nor their smiles.
The only time you are owed is when you pay to watch them or attend your events.
If then, they misbehave, you can tongue wag them.
Apart from that, double your hustle, and leave them stars alone.
Iyanya, Olamide, and the other stars have what to use their money to do.
No one owes you.

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