Shadows in the dark

The wind blew hard and even harder. It drew a single note that became a rising cry in the night before subsiding to a sobbing sound.


For a second, Simon believed it was the cry of someone in distress. Only this time, the blast of air currents came again to swirl around the curtain and draw out another cry that seemed to be mixed with human emotion.


The cry came again. It forced currents of ice through Simon’s veins. The cry grew louder.

“I’m alone. There’s no one here.” As loneliness threatened to crush him, wild thoughts filled his mind.


The cry rose again, this time into a screaming sound that was twice as loud as before. Branches rattled at the glass windowpanes, dead fingers frantically tapping.


Fear gripped Simon this time, causing him to jump from the chair where he was lying on. He grabbed his key from the center table and ran to the door, unlocking it.

His car which he parked in the garage last night was no longer there. The gate still locked.

This time, the cry turned into a chuckle. Two. Three.

Was he running mad? He couldn’t take this anymore. He ran to the gate, trying to open it all in vain. There was only one way out. He’d jump to the other side.


Climbing the gate in a speed of light, he reached the top and jumped.

Twam! He landed on his feet.

“Simon, Simon” A voice sweet as pie called out to him. He never stopped. He kept on running from whatsoever or whosoever that was after him.


“Simon, don’t run away. I’m your friend” The voice said again but this time, it wasn’t friendly.

Running fast for his life, his leg came in contact with a banana peel. Gbaaa. He slipped and fell…



Prince Chisom Peters

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