Hey, Mary!

Hey, Mary (Original name withheld, not for any reason but to allow me concentrate and write this).


Remember when you and your boyfriend would bawl from your room to the disgust of everyone out of excitement and when he hit you, no one cared. Because they tried saving you a few times but you kept reiterating that you love him. The sound of your halting voice as you unnerved those guys that first came to your rescue, dispirited my heart.


I’m not tryna mock you. I’m just happy you left that toxic relationship. I reclined my guts to my room then, distraught from your muffled screeches as he pounced on you.


The crumbling sounds of the lowering kitchen utensils sent disquieting vibes to the conduits of my heart. I slept every night hoping that you wake up alive. I was younger and less built than him, so, I couldn’t repel the attacks on you.


I admired your strengths. I still do. You rose above the tears and memories to act normal each passing day, despite the unfair denunciations from those girls. I hope you remember them. Some of them made bad choices, but they saw strength in yours and didn’t want to admit it.


I pitied your esteem. You could barely hold the weight of a conversation in your eyes. They were always cold and bleary.


You’re a brighter woman today. You’ve typified bravura in defiance of having tarried in a dirt gob of proneness and weakness.


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