Not my type – II

Continued – 

She beeped me hours later to inform she had finished, it was evening already, so, I took her to a restaurant to feed her hungry-looking self, grabbed some more drinks and drove to my place, she didn’t refute. She jejely stepped out from the car, dragged her handbag and entered the house.

I showed her to a room to sleep, as the gentleman I am, then hit the shower. I suggested she wore my shirt as she had no spare clothing, she accepted. Took her bath and joined me in the sitting room, requested to watch BBN, I allowed her.


From the way she sat, I could barely see her butt, with her cleavage recklessly staring at whoever looked. I knew it was time to shoot my shoot, started with complimenting her hair again and gently touching it down to the shoulder and bicep, she didn’t protest. I then proceeded to start work, she just spread legs like vegetables, we smashed, went few rounds, repeated same the next morning. As people were going to Church, she was busy sucking my Johnson. We went more rounds until my repletion.


Sunday afternoon, babe said I should come and drop her at her place. Me? Tufiakwa. I picked up my phone and booked Taxify for her. That’s where argument started. I dunno why she was claiming to-be wifey when I wasn’t her type. The altercation increased, babe started whimpering and talking haltingly, tugged her bag and stormed out of the house.

She spent the last week cussing the living daylight outta me telling everyone that cared to know how I used and dumped her. I don’t understand, but I WASN’T HER TYPE.


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