We went hysterical when Emmanuel Macron became the president of France at 39. We marveled at his victory as one of those miracles possible only in the country of the white man. The hysteria reached the highest point when Austria performed a more incredible miracle to elect the 31 years old Sebastian Kurz as her president.

Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu is a young Nigerian. He is intelligent and accomplished. There is no known scandal hanging around his name. He nurses a similar ambition as Atiku and Buhari come 2019. There are many like him in different parts of the country. From every rational indication, he does not stand a cat’s chance in hell. He will be universally scorned as an over-petulant child impossibly crying for the moon.

Maybe he is a Christian. Does he belong to any of the two towering parties? And the zoning arrangements do not favor his tribe. He must be a foolish optimist.

It remains traditionally so even when a choice between Atiku and Buhari is a Hobson’s — is no choice at all. Atiku is convulatedly corrupt and unreclaimed. If Nigeria should carry out her own purges as the French did in 1789, Atiku would surely make a rueful trip to the guillotine. Corruption tastes like milk. Ferdinand Oyono wrote that ” nobody sucks and forgets the taste of milk”. Atiku sucked and shall never forget. Those daily Atikulating are getting involved in a dastardly effort to re-plunge this country into the abyss of lightless kleptocracy .

And who is Buhari? An undelivered nepotist and tyrant. And so shall he remain for a man does not become left-handed in old age. Buhari was a Hitlerish dictator in 1983. In 2015 he hopped off to London and announced his repentance to a spellbound world. In 2017 he has become more ironclad. More confused. Now, like Jesus Christ the Jew, Buhari is resurrecting and assigning portfolios to dead men. I am getting hopeful. My grandfather may just be remembered.

In the run up to the 2015 elections, the man who performed outstandingly well in the presidential debate was cynically derided. He was mockingly told that the impressive command of the English language and fine articulation of ideas do not win elections in Nigeria. We followed that strange political worldview to elect an absentee to the debate of whom The Economist wrote that ” Muhammadu Buhari living or dead is the same thing “. Since that costly mistake, we have been living like the citizens of a country where ideas do not win elections.

What are the youths doing? We relish one frivolity and wait in the wings for the next. Today the general buzz would be about a fanatic who insisted on attending her Call To Bar hijabed. It might just be about a groundnut-hawking senator. Or about the mishap suffered by a privileged youth who was skylarking with a power bike. We fiddle with these inconsequential frivolities while our country burn — is daily being run aground by a ruthless cabal of ill-intentioned and reprobate men.

It’s time to think about 2019. And the scriptures enjoined us to set aside childish things. How passionately I desire that we can put frivolity, tribe and faith aside. Salvaging this country wouldn’t be an impossibility. But pigs would rather fly. Perhaps, like Nnnaemeka Nwosu, I might just be another irresponsible idealist busy and profitlessly looking for a pie in the sky.

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